9M50 - Norgren Grooves

The Canfield Connector 9M50 is a compact full featured magnetic proximity switch designed to fit a “D” shaped groove detail designed into linear actuators. The innovative design allows the switch to be inserted anywhere along the linear actuator and then rotated and locked into position. When installed the switch lies flat against the cylinder housing and does not protrude beyond the cylinder face making installations neat and clean. The fully encapsulated switch is offered in reed, and electronic styles in either NPN or PNP. The robust epoxy encapsulated design meets IP67, NEMA 6 environmental protection. Voltage ranges are available from 5 to 120 VAC/DC in multiple versions. Maximum current draw is 200 mA. Standard connection is provided by a 9 ft. PVC or 8mm quick connect male pigtail.

Fits: Norgren cylinder grooves